Here it is! The final chapter. The final countdown, The big finish. If you’ve only started listening here you’re going to be completely confused, but luckily you can listen this chapter, And Away We Go along with all the other chapters from the Adventures of Sparkie and Spazoid at They’re on a mission to save the human […]

Its time again for the Adventures Of Sparkie and Spazoid with Chapter 4, Meet the Goat, Hey, There Goes the Goat, in which our heroes begin the long trek across an alien surface following a four legged farm animal. Written by: Pete A O’Donnell Perform by: The action-packed Anna O’Donnell and her dad intro by: the rising […]

Join our valiant explorer, Sparkie, and his cranky robot companion in this latest chapter of the Adventures of Sparkie and Spazoid: Portals World. ‘Once More on the Way Down’ where they will finally make it to the planet’s surface, the question is will it be in one piece? Written by: Pete A O’Donnell Performed by: […]

Abby loves her Papa, even though he has a few bad habits. One of them, the worst one, is smoking. Find out what Abby does to keep him safe. Written by Pete A O’Donnell Read by The Renowned Riley O’Donnell, the Significant Sabrina O’Donnell and the average author, performing as the socially distanced Papa. Music: […]

Written by Pete A O’Donnell Performed by the Parental-in-Law of the decade, Peter Ziegenbein and the indomitable Doris Ziengenbein, along with the rip roaring Riley O’Donnell. Then there was some other guy who’ll remain nameless, but swears that elephant’s accent is supposed to be Matt Damon in Invictus, but keeps sounding like Sebastian the crab, […]

A mom can never be replaced by a machine! Written by: Pete A O’Donnell Perform by: the Sensational Super-mom Sabrina O’Donnell, The Rockstar Riley O’Donnell and the passable Pete A O’Donnell Music by Kevin Macleod