Written by Pete A O’Donnell Santa was performed by Santa, because Santa is real and any similarity to the authors voice was only a coincidence. Juggles the elf performed by: The Radiant Riley O’Donnell Our Ice Dragon was performed: The Auspicious Anna O’Donnell Music performed by: Kevin Macleod

Written by Pete A O’Donnell Performed by the Parental-in-Law of the decade, Peter Ziegenbein and the indomitable Doris Ziengenbein, along with the rip roaring Riley O’Donnell. Then there was some other guy who’ll remain nameless, but swears that elephant’s accent is supposed to be Matt Damon in Invictus, but keeps sounding like Sebastian the crab, […]

A mom can never be replaced by a machine! Written by: Pete A O’Donnell Perform by: the Sensational Super-mom Sabrina O’Donnell, The Rockstar Riley O’Donnell and the passable Pete A O’Donnell Music by Kevin Macleod